Business Planning Guidance

Wealth creation and asset protection through business planning can be accomplished with the assistance and guidance of the attorneys and CPAs at Mason Zoccola Law Firm.​ We assist individuals and businesses with entity formation, capital structure, succession planning and regulatory compliance. Whether advising the entrepreneur, shareholder, officer or partner, we shepherd the process to achieve business success.​We welcome your business planning questions.

Entity Formation

Forming the correct business entity is the first step in protecting yourself while also setting your business up for success. At Mason Zoccola Law Firm, we can help you establish an LLC, S Corp, C Corp, Partnership or other entity. We will take time to discuss the options with you to determine what will help your business thrive.

Capital Structure

Make your company’s debt work for you. When a business is in the process of growing, they can utilize debt and equity from loans, shareholders, retained earnings and other forms of investment. Our legal team can help you determine what capital structure will maximize your company’s growth while still retaining equity for shareholders.

Succession Planning

For many people, building a business is about more than just providing for their family. They want to have a valuable entity they can pass on to their children, so their children may also find entrepreneurial success. At Mason Zoccola Law Firm, we can help you create a plan that will make the succession process as smooth as possible so your business can continue to thrive.

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Both for those who are starting a business and for those who are in the process of growing their companies, it’s important to have a plan. Our law firm has helped countless clients throughout Tennessee create successful strategies that help their companies thrive.

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