Trust Administration

In the event you pass away, and all of your assets have a prearranged plan (e.g. a beneficiary designation, joint ownership with a surviving joint owner, or a funded Revocable Trust), then probate is unnecessary, even if you have a valid Will. Certainly, we guide our clients toward a simpler process of asset transfers after their passing, and trusts are included in most of our plan designs.

​The benefits of trust administration over probate include:

  • Cost savings in avoiding probate in your home state and any state in which you own real estate
  • Privacy regarding financial information
  • Private dispute resolution process versus litigation in Probate Court over disputed issues

We are here to help you.

The Mason Zoccola Law Firm, assist clients routinely in closing out trusts after the death of the creator of the trust. Please contact us online if you need assistance or call (901) 523-8283 to speak with an attorney. We welcome your call.