Probate Litigation

The most difficult and demanding part of our practice occurs when we confront families in conflict after a loved one passes. The conflict may be over millions of dollars or it may be over inexpensive but highly sentimental items of tangible personal property. We have been representing family members for almost 30 years in such disputes, and it is always a painful process.

What Does Probate Litigation Mean For You?

The Mason Zoccola Law Firm seeks to guide our clients through this process by focusing on the big picture, seeing the dispute in light of the family relationships and prioritizing what is most important in pursuing the resolution of these disputes. Typical disputes occur as follows:

  • A deceased parent (the decedent) leaves an account with one child as a joint owner. The other children understood that the money in this account was to be shared among all children and to be used to pay the debts and expenses of the Estate.
  • A child of the decedent, while serving as an agent under a durable power of attorney, spends money benefiting himself more than the other children.
  • As Executor, a child of the decedent, distributes tangible personal property favoring the Executor.

The Mason Zoccola Law Firm will work with our clients to assess their options in litigating these and other issues in the probate arena, and hopefully, will offer suggestions which allow them to resolve disputes with other family members so that the family can continue to be a family.

Mason Zoccola Law Firm attorneys also serve as Guardian ad Litems or Attorney ad Litems, as appointed by the Probate Courts.

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After the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is fight with family members over the decedent’s estate. Our firm can offer the knowledgeable guidance and compassionate, client-focused advocacy that can help you move forward. We welcome and encourage you to call us at (901) 523-8283 or contact us online to schedule your first appointment.